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2020 Virtual Conference

10 Amazing international speakers, with valued content and knowledge directly to you.

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2020 Virtual Conference Speakers

Watch the replays of our speakers, and access the handouts and bonus videos!

Steve Roehm

Bending Minds In Changing Times

Learn how to create magical moments in which your clients will tap into the deepest depths of their unconscious resources and experience instant and lasting change in their life. Change can happen in seconds, and you don't need a script. In fact, you can't use a script.

Eva M. Clark

Boosting Your Scripts Through Future Pacing

One of the most powerful ways of boosting the effectiveness of your scripts is to include experiences of the future where the problems of your client have been resolved. Even more effective is to have their current problem 'trigger' them towards this future. In this talk, you will learn (1) what you need to collect in the client interview and (2) how to incorporate future pacing in your scripts.

Nick LeForce 

Using Poetry in Hypnotherapy

Poetry is a way of wording the world that leads us deeper into ourselves and connects us with what truly matters. People throughout the ages have turned to poetry when they are suffering or in love or when they have no way to express what they feel or experience because poetry is the langauge of the soul. As such, it connects us to our own unconscious resources and wisdom and is, therefore, an excellent additional tool to use in hynotic work.

Ken Guzzo

Smoking Cessation - Building a 100% Referral Business

Ken’s practice has been 100% referral for more than 8 years, averaging fees for $700 to $1,250 per session.  His heartfelt, impactful sessions inspire clients to become enthusiastic referrers.

Having taught many of the world’s leading hypnotists, his ground breaking processes, including The Guzzo Protocol, Ken is eager to share his incites with ACHE Members for the first time ever.

Katherine Zimmerman

Preparing for a New Paradigm

No one likes change except a wet baby. Right? What if we could help clients accept change easily? Imagine how much happier they would be. What the world is experiencing right now is very much like giving birth. There is upheaval in every area of life... the old order is breaking down to make room for change. Unfortunately, not everyone welcomes change. Learn how to help clients prepare for this new world.

Roy C Hunter

Spiritual Hypnosis

Helping a client access his or her perception of God or Higher Power can result in life-changing breakthroughs. Roy will summarize a few case histories.

Timothy L Trujillo

Polyvagal Theory & Hypnosis

Polyvagal Theory has revolutionized behavioral science. It has also provided keen insight into the mechanisms of hypnosis and its phenomena. While polyvagal theory has been applied principally in pathology or disorder, it can also be understood as a holistic functional system. Through hypnosis it can be used to harmonize the autonomic system and support change. Learn the fundamentals of Polyvagal Theory and methods to help support vagal toning, increase heartrate variability, reduce inflammation and pain, and support longevity. This presentation will provide an overview of the science and the specific manner in which I introduce and utilize these principles in client sessions.Having taught many of the world’s leading hypnotists, his ground breaking processes, including The Guzzo Protocol, Ken is eager to share his incites with ACHE Members for the first time ever.

James Hazlerig

How to Use Neuroscience to Create Compelling Hypnotic Stories

We know that ideas presented in stories stick with the listeners, but do we know why? It turns out that the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin work together to make stories compelling, satisfying, and ultimately hypnotic. If you make your living talking to people, you need to know this material. 

Dan Candell

The No Induction Induction

This is an induction that takes the heat off of going into hypnosis, in other words, you hypnotize the client without hypnotizing them, and then they realize they are hypnotized even though you didn't hypnotize them.

Martin Castor

The Zen Zero Self Hypnosis Method

ZenZero Self Hypnosis is both a simple way of doing powerful meditations and being used as a tool for your clients to benefit from massively.
I've developed this almost   16 years ago, and it contains an easy step by step trigger that you and your client can perform anytime after it is initiated the first time.

I will teach you everything you need to perform it and how to use it in sessions.

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