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Career stages - survival, stability & success

Scott Sandland

Structures of Success

Jess Marion

MindBending Hypnosis Secrets

Martin Castor

The Chakras and Hypno-Meditation for Energy Balancing

Kym Maehl

Robust Receiving

Suzy Day

Becoming Whole

Rebekka Putnam

Rebuilding Your B.R.I.C. Beliefs

Megan Wiseman

How To Put The Sizzle In Your Sessions

Michael DeSchalit


May 29th 2021 Schedule


09:00 am

Michael DeSchalit - How To Put The Sizzle In Your Sessions

Are you delivering the most effective sessions to your clients that you can? Are your clients getting the results that they are seeking with you? Would you like to be able to put the "Sizzle" in every session? In this presentation I will teach how to program your sessions for maximum results. Whether you work online in a virtual setting or live and in person| the "recipe" for sessions I teach will catapult your sessions into another dimension of success for you and your clients.

10:00 am

Rebekka Putnam - Becoming Whole

The process of becoming authentically alive| conscious and fully engaged in life is called individuation. Repressed thoughts| feelings| or aspects of our character drain us of vital energy and easily become physical problems. However| when suffering and struggle are understood it ushers us into a sense of being. Gil Boyne understood this when he cultivated a path to discover and integrate discounted parts of self through his Transforming Therapy. Help your clients to see their symptoms (anxiety| weight| addictions| illness| and relationship problems not simply as something to overcome| instead as a valuable effort of their psyche to heal them. Learn how the steps of Transforming Therapy compliment individuation and help your clients in Becoming Whole.

11:00 am

Scott Sandland - Career Stages - Survival, Stability & Success

Through your career, you will graduate from one stage to the next.  The advice you need and the advice you get will dramatically change based on the stage you are in AND the stage of the person you are asking.  In this lecture, you will learn how to identify what stage you are in, what you need to do to get to the next stage, and how to ask the RICHT people in the RIGHT stage for advice on how to keep making progress in your career.

12:00 am

Kym Maehl - The Chakras and Hypno-Meditation for Energy Balancing

Looking for a fun and effective way to enhance your mental| emotional| and physical health while bringing your energy into balance? If so| you're in the right place! In this fun and experiential class we'll be talking about the Chakras| those “intersections of vital energy” that flow throughout the body. We'll touch on the Chakras’ vibrational resonance with color and life themes and then enter into a hypno-meditation to help wake up and energize the chakras| getting them spinning| open and clear! This is a simple| fun and effective tool for both you and your clients.

01:00 pm

Jess Marion - Structures of Success

Have you ever had a prospective client contact you with an issue you weren't sure how to handle? Have you ever felt lost in a session and uncertain what to do next? This presentation will help you to "see the forest for the trees" and find the easiest path for your client's success. In this presentation we will cover: -How problems are formed -How to uncover the structure of your client's problem so you know where to lead your client next -Common problem structures to help you to begin to think strategically -How to structure your interventions to meet the needs of your individual client and their specific problem. -And much more!

02:00 pm

Martin Castor - MindBending Hypnosis Secrets

The word mindbending is often used in modern hypnosis| but not until now| has it been put together and structured in a way to be able to perform in easy steps. MBMBL is precisely that! MindBlowing MindBending Language is a simple 6 step process that will instantly transform and change any emotion/problem | using the brain's power and neurological abilities to create long-lasting change. All based on positive psychology| resources| and clean language| that does not require the therapist to know or analyze anything that is the problem or is connected to the problem. Remember, hypnosis can be fun| and the power of fun will change any mind through resourceful states.

03:00 pm

Megan Wiseman - Rebuilding Your B.R.I.C. Beliefs

Our subconscious beliefs can be separated into 4 categories. These are what I call the B.R.I.C. Beliefs. The belief categories include Body| Relationship| Identity and Competency. As we uncover what our limiting beliefs are in each of these categories| we can learn to rebuild them. Using hypnosis we are able to find where these beliefs were founded. We often find these misconceptions were created from our childhood. Using hypnotherapy we are able to address the wounded inner-child. We can express the emotions inside these experiences. We can learn to rebuild the beliefs with a new better perspective. B.R.I.C beliefs can either keep us stuck in negative beliefs/behaviors or be broken down and reconstructed into positive beliefs. As a person learns to identify with these new beliefs they can more easily rebuild into a better version of themselves. In my class| I teach about each of these belief categories. I teach why it is important to identify these beliefs in yourself. I teach how to recognize| reframe and rebuild negative beliefs into positive beliefs. I teach how to use simple "power tools" to rebuild your beliefs to help you become a better YOU!

04:00 pm

Suzy Day - Robust Receiving

Become skilled in the art of Robust Receiving by releasing the conditioned and generational habits and beliefs which limit your ability to prosper as an entrepreneur or practitioner. Investigate and disrupt abundance blocks and habituated patterns of scarcity and lack. Develop a personal action plan to move into the zone of a receiving mindset with ease.

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Kym Maehl

Kym Maehl is an Integrative Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Carson City, NV.  She’s been a counselor for over 30 years and has successfully worked with groups and individuals worldwide in assisting authentic transformation.  

In addition to her private practice, Kym teaches classes in integrative healing modalities and the creative arts.  She holds advanced degrees in Holistic Ministries, Counseling and Educational Psychology, and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rehabilitation Counselor, and Strategic Life Coach.   

Kym is passionate about the need for inspired holism in individual and collective consciousness and it is her goal to promote awareness by writing, teaching, coaching, and providing fun and relevant courses and seminars.  

Her books Grief~Dance Workbook – Creative Expression for Honoring Loss, The Lunar Key – An Adventure in Understanding Your Dreams, The Magical Sunflower Jungle and My Chakra Garden, are available on Amazon.

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Susy Day

Aligned with her purpose to ignite and inspire, Suzy synthesizes holistic modalities as a catalyst of dynamic transformation and empowerment, guiding her clients to awaken to their inner wisdom and create new life experiences of empowerment, potential, and purpose.

Suzy is a Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotic Coach, Transformational Life Coach, Published Author, Public Speaker, founder of DayLight Awakenings Hypnotherapy located in Oregon; Hypnotherapy Instructor at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts; Creator and Facilitator of webinars/workshops, including mastermind workshops on business and personal development as an entrepreneur.

In her free time, Suzy enjoys riding her Harley on twisty mountain roads, finding creative inspiration and sacred slices of goodness in everyday places, connecting with friends, and running wildly amok with her favorite grand-daughter, a dragon named Stella.


Megan Wiseman

Megan Wiseman is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Identity Mentor.

She is the founder of Power in Wisdom. She combines her clinical hypnotherapy training with her excellence in meditation to connect the heart and mind in an innovative way to help others discover their own Intuitive Intelligence. 

In the process of her self-discovery she transformed her self-hate into self-love and found higher purpose and power. She now empowers wise women by helping them recognize and rebuild their limiting beliefs, so they can discover their healing gifts. She intuitively uses various “power tools” to help clients embody their personal power and purpose. She helps her clients discover what’s preventing them from progressing into who they were created to be, so they can create their own legacies.

"It's understanding what’s in your heart and mind that helps you embody your true identity" 

Come rediscover and rebuild YOU with ME!


Martin Castor

  • Five-time Award Winning Hypnosis Instructor.
  • International Keynote Speaker
  • Amazon Best Selling Author
  • TedX Speaker
  • International Trainer & Performer
  • Founder of The Hypno Academy Las Vegas & in Europe
  • Founder of Mastery Through Passion
  • Boardmember of ACHE & ICBCH
  • And generally, an inspiring, motivating, and fun individual who loves his job 🙂

See Martin Castor's full bio here - click here!


Scott Sandland

Scott Sandland was the worlds youngest hypnotherapist, founder of the largest free resource in the history of hypnosis, The co-founder of the largest hypnosis conference in the world, and a terrible dancer. 

 Scott has worked on staff in doctors offices, dental offices, drug rehab centers, and was the CEO and executive director of a mental health clinic. His life goal is to create resources that help mor people help even mor people.


Jess Marion

Jess Marion is an NLP and HNLP trainer, Certified Master Coach, Hypnosis Trainer, and author.  She has authored and co-authored 10 books in the fields of hypnosis and coaching. She has been training practitioners for ten years and formerly was a university professor. Jess is the co-founder of The Intelligent Hypnotist. She is passionate about helping others transform their lives both in sessions and trainings. Jess is deeply curious about how the mind works and sees every session and training as an opportunity to continue growing and learning.  


Rebekka Putnam

Rebekka is passionate about helping people move beyond the effects of addiction and trauma into a purposeful and joyous life. As a clinical hypnotherapist, EFT Tapping specialist, and creator of Smoke Free Success®, she has assisted hundreds of people in overcoming their addictions, fears, and anxieties— rerouting them toward the path they most desire. Rebekka sources her therapeutic training and her natural inclination to inspire and empower her clients through difficult experiences. She is ainsightful, compassionate, and clear communicator with skillful strategies. Her clients often book repeat sessions for continued personal growth, and enthusiastically refer their family and friends.


Michael DeSchalit

Michael is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in sociology, emphasizing group dynamics and is board certified and a professional member of the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy and an Adjunct Faculty Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. He was awarded the “Hypnotism Achievement Award” in 2013 by the National Guild of Hypnotists and “Hypnotist of the Year” by the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference in 2016 placing him in the ranks as one of the top hypnotists in the world. He owns and operates Virtual Hypnosis Online and is a certified instructor for the ICBCH and the NGH and conducts hypnosis trainings worldwide. Michael is a member in good standing and a PastPresident of the Arizona Society of Professional Hypnosis.